The colours form backdrop to everything..the roads..the landscapes..the ubiquitous waterfalls..overlooking the beautiful Umiam Lake..that Shillongis obsessed with. 

Shillong Bed & Breakfast

Shillong , Meghalaya

12 guests
8 beds
4 cottage(s)

Misty and Green...

Shillong is a pleasant 3-hr ride from Guwahati and as the hill town approaches, nature suddenly seems to put on its best face. All along the road, tall and lanky betel nut trees sway in the breeze and vantage points look on to scenic rolling hills. With a momo stop as Umiam Lake and the slight intoxication from the betel nuts, the excitement continues. And as you get near Shillong, the mercury drops dramatically - as much as by 10 degrees in summer - and the whole hilly drive seems doubly worthwhile.

Generations ago, these hills must have extended a similar welcome to the British who wandered this far and reminded them of their perennially wet and cool homeland. That is precisely why, despite major protests from the local kings (Siyem), they decided to set up their capital in Shillong. And as David Scott, Assam's Commissioner who laid the foundations of British rule in North-East India, famously told his friends, he settled here to "eat the Europe air".

Shillong is also the base for visiting textbook-famous Cherrapunjee, where the sign ’the rainiest place on the planet earth’ greets you. This is a land of thick rainforests and pretty mist and green, green, and more green.

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