Odisha Tribal Trails

Bhramonik aims at being an offbeat travel experience for travellers' while revitalizing the livelihood traditions and the economic well-being of Tribal Odisha. 

In Odisha's scenic Tribal Hamlets...

A quintessential Odisha experience

Adivasis literally 'original inhabitants' are the indigenous population of India. Nestled in the hills of the Eastern Ghats they constitute 25% of Odisha's population; the most populous Adivasi region of all India. They comprise 62 diverse ethnicities and although co-dependent, fiercely guard their own distinct traditions. We will meet the Dharua, Gond, Mali, Didayi, Paroja, Kutia & Dongria Kondh tribes and witness a way of life relatively unchanged throughout centuries.

So, have a chance to absorb the local culture, learn tribal arts and crafts in workshops and participate in festivals besides trekking, hiking or cycling in the picturesque valleys of Odisha.

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