Wild Odisha

Discover Odisha's greatest Natural wonders and unspoilt secrets. Meander natural forests, majestic mangroves and wandering waterways. 

Drawn to exceptional natural environments...

Nature at its Best

Nature is sacred and revered as divine in the indigenous cultures of Odisha. Nature plays an integral role in their daily life and forms the fabric of folklore and consciousness. Their inherent understanding of nature allows for regeneration and protection of valuable species of flora and fauna. They have been practising sustainable conservations for centuries!

Discover Odisha's greatest Natural wonders and unspoilt secrets. Meander majestic mangroves and wandering waterways. Step into jungles echoing the call of the wild, drift along perenial rivers, walk anicent tracks and meet communities that abide seasons of change aligned with the natural world. Discover the pure pleasures of nature; a sublime journey and quite simply and nature love's delight!

We are drawn to exceptional natural environments. Traversing Asia's largest estuarine water lagoon, delve deep into the World's second largest mysterious mangrove forest of 'Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park', roll through the remote hills of the Eastern Ghats, walk into one of the most picturesque santuaries in Odisha,'Satkosia Gorge & Wildlife Sanctuary'. Bhramonik taps into remote places of outstanding natural beauty.

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