Our Cool Hideaways...

What kind of places do you choose?

We unearth beautiful little hotels, stunning himalayan homestays, boutique B&Bs, chic campsites and unique accommodations in some of the India's most exciting and unusual locations. Our 100-strong portfolio covers true warmth rural family homestay to unconventional eco cottages, thrilling forest camp to distinctive village retreats, from a wide range of styles and budgets; but all are small, independent and very special; where travellers can actually get a refreshing holiday experience with warmest hospitality without compromising the basic comforts.

All properties submitted to Bhramonik are reviewed by our team of travel experts in order to feature on our website. A property's suitability is determined by how well it meets the following criteria:

  • A certain standard of comfort without being intimidating — a place where guests can come in, kick off their shoes and pour a cup of tea.
  • A place where the setting and location is just as enticing as the property itself.
  • A stay guests haven't seen before — a retreat where individual style is everything.
  • Not a same-same hotel room — a place that guests aren't going to forget in a hurry.
  • Accommodation with thoughtful touches and all the facilities guests need for a weekend away.

What's in it for you?

Our curated inventory appeals to people with disposable income and little time — those people looking for a holiday or weekend getaway where they can be sure the standard of accommodation is high, and the selection of accommodation they have to choose from. Our preferences:

  • Small: normally 2-10 rooms, occasionally larger, but always with a boutique mentality
  • Stylish: be it designer, rustic-chic or stylish simplicity, all are beautiful and impeccably looked after
  • Independent: often owner-run, always friendly and welcoming, never part of a large chain
  • We love them all: we've stayed there, and we'd go again like a shot. That's our promise. If it doesn't make the grade, it's not on our site

We also aim to have only a limited number of accommodation options in any single region — our guests want enough breadth of inventory to choose from, but don't want to be overwhelmed by volume. This is a key part of what makes Bhramonik successful for guests and property owners/managers.

Making a Reservation

How do I book?

From any hotel page or listings page, click Booking Enquiry, register with Bhramonik (if new) or login, then select your dates, preferred room type and occupancy. In most cases you will have to wait a few hours for the hotel to confirm the price and availability. We will check the reservation status to click on the MyStay link.

Can I hold a room or homestay while I fix my travel plans?

Yes — in most cases you can hold it for 2-3 days, and Bhramonik is one of the few flexible booking systems to allow this. If you're altering different destinations in one itinerary, or if you're trying to get a group of travellers together, this can be especially useful.

Can I book family rooms, extra beds or cots?

Indeed you can — just specify the number and the ages of your children when booking. Each room or lodging shows the maximum occupancy and the exact bed types available, and the price updates automatically as you select. We have taken great care to get those details right, because we know they're important (most of us travel with kids too). If the numbers don't go as far as your group size, that's because you've exceeded the maximum occupancy; don't ignore that, because one of you may end up in the corridor.

When do I pay?

In most cases, you commit a small deposit when you confirm your booking, and pay the balance either on arrival or shortly before. In all cases, we wil send you the our bank details, you will pay through NEFT/ RTGS or any other payment services (Google Pay / any UPI). You'll see which applies when you enquire — look under Payment and Cancellation Policies.

Is there any cost for booking through Bhramonik?

No. None at all. We never charge any booking fee (or "service fee" as Airbnb call it), nor any membership costs. You pay exactly what the hotel quotes.

Best Price Guarantee

What is Bhramonik's Price Promise?

  • We guarantee that you will not get a better price on the hotel's site or any other publicly available rate, on a like-for-like basis.

If you think you have found a better deal, please email us with details of your Bhramonik quote and the competing offer and, provided it is 'like-for-like' (see below), we'll match it AND we'll send you a 100 voucher to use on your next booking! But we'd be very surprised if you do: we have a team of mystery shoppers combing the internet all the time, so that you don't have to.

What does 'like-for-like basis' mean?

  • the same accommodation i.e. same property, room/room category, occupancy and stay dates
  • the same inclusions, such as tax, service charge, foods, entry permits, local transport
  • the same payment policy and cancellation policy
  • the same currency, specifically the hotel's own currency
  • at the same time i.e. the lower price quote must be made within 12 hours of our quote
  • publicly available i.e. bookable without having to log in or sign up to a newsletter

Auction sites, member-only deals, corporate discounts, reward programmes, coupons or group rates, and sites offering unnamed accommodation are all excluded from this guarantee. The final decision as to whether a quote qualifies for the Best Price Guarantee will be made by us, at our sole discretion.

Joining Bhramonik

How can I list my property?

If you think your hotel or rental is perfect for Bhramonik, please apply here. Bear in mind that we are extremely selective, and that we visit every new property in person to write our own detailed review.